5 Ways to get Through Your Long Run on the DREADMILL

It’s not often that I take my long run inside. I’ll do speed work, intervals, even a hill workout on the treadmill but running more than an hour on the dreadmill? I can’t be the only runner out there who would rather eat slugs, right? But lately, with these bitter cold temps, running outside just isn’t safe so I wanted to share with all my runners out there what I do to get through longer runs on the treadmills... or at least make time go by slightly faster than a snails pace.



1. Watch Something You LOVE

Save that one thing you’ve been waiting to watch on Netflix for your runs on the treadmill. Prop your phone or iPad up, tune into your favorite movies or shows or something you’ve been dying to see, set your pace, and just run. You probably won’t even notice that you’re done with you’re run and the time flies when you’re focusing on something other than your run. 

2. Break it up

Some treadmills have that gnarley 1 hour time limit so if you’re running anything more than that, you have to break it up anyway. I used to hate this but now, I actually see these little breaks as something that really helps me get through. I’ll go grab some water, maybe a gel if I need it, do a quick lap around the gym and stretch a bit and then hop back on. I try to break it my long treadmill workouts up so I have less time that second half which really does help!

3. Play Games

Whether they’re mental games or games on your phone, this can be a great way to get through a long workout on the treadmill. Try looking around your gym and counting every piece of gym equipment or treadmill. Or play mental games with yourself like counting how many breaths or strides you take in a minute.

4.  Listen to Something Good

I save my favorite playlists and podcasts just for my treadmill workouts. I’ve been loving the Hurdle Podcast by Emily Abbate lately. She interviews a different successful person and talks about their “hurdle” moments and how they used health and wellness to overcome them. It’s seriously so inspiring.

5. Don’t Look

If I have a longer treadmill workout at a steady speed, I like to put a towel or a sweatshirt over the numbers, set my speed, and tune out. If I put some Netflix on and don’t check, it usually goes by a lot faster! 

Leah Backo