Product Review: RX BARS

I'm a sucker for a good protein bar. Especially one that has minimal to no preservatives, ingredients that I can actually pronounce, and some kick ass packaging design.


Well my friends, if you are also a sucker for those things, look no further than the RX BAR. Each bar is made with (as the beautifully designed, simple label indicates) a base of egg whites, dates, nuts and either fruit, natural cocoa, and other spices to make the flavors perfect.

I will admit, I'm a fan of certain RX bars more than others. I've currently been on a Maple Sea Salt and Chocolate Sea Salt flavor kick. I haven't tried all of their 13 flavors but those two are definitely my top picks. 

RX BARS are great pre-run / post-run fuel as they are a nice balance of protein from the egg whites and nuts and carbs from the dates. Plus the all natural, dairy free ingredients mean that most stomachs (even mine which gets queasy pretty easily during a sweat session) can handle them. 

Check em out. They're pretty delish.

& buy em' in bulk.

So worth it.

Leah Backo