A failure I'm happy about.

For the first time in my life, I've failed... and I'm actually happy about it. Two months ago, I agreed to to foster a deaf ball of energy with eyesight issues named Lace. I had every intention of finding this pup a home that wasn't my own, but as time went on, I couldn't picture my life without this white, freckled ear pain in the ass in it. So on Sunday, September 17, 2017, I made it official and adopted Lace.



This pup is no picnic. She chases cars, barks at nothing, and about pulls your arm off when she sees a squirrel. But she also looks back every few feet to make sure I'm still at the end of the leash, has to constantly be at my side, is the happiest pup in the world when she sees me (even after I've only been gone for five minutes), and has even become quite the running partner. 



I started running with Lace when I first got her as a foster to get some of her pent up energy out so she wouldn't tear the house up while I was gone. Back then she could barely run 1 mile at a 12 minute pace without sitting down at the end and refusing to go one step further. Slowly but surely, I've worked her up to 2-3 miles a day at a 10-11 minute mile pace and hope to run a 5K with her soon.  


It's not going to be easy being a dog mom to a deaf pup with issues, working a full-time, insanely long hour job, and training for a marathon. Not to mention keeping up with side projects, fundraising efforts for Bright Pink, and you know, having a life. I've only officially been a fur mama for a few days, but I already know it's so worth it. I come home everyday to a wagging tail and a smiling face. And I couldn't be happier about it.  



If you want to keep up on the adventure of Lace and Leah, don't forget to follow us both on Instagram! I'm @LeahBacko and she's @Saving_Lace

Welcome to the family, Pig! I'm looking forward to so many runs, road trips, and snuggles with you!

Leah Backo