Taming those taper crazies

Wait how did I get here? Race day is less than one week away! I’m in taper. Like, how did this happen?! 


I don’t know about you guys, but I am one of those people who gets actually crazy during taper time. I don’t know what it is, but I’m restless, bitchy, doubting the work I put in, and just in general, I act crazy! The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one right? 

Here are a few of the things that seem to help tame my taper crazies: 

1. Self Care - a long bath, a day where I do nothing, a good book. Anything to just calm my body and my mind helps put me at ease during taper week.

2. A healthy appetite - don’t get me wrong, I still carb load a little during taper but I do mostly try to eat as normally as possible and include a lot of veggies and even more h2o.

3. Focusing on my marathon playlist - it’s not quite finished yet but I will share my full playlist later this week! I spend a lot of the free time I have during taper building the perfect playlist for race day.

4. Other forms of exercise - a bike ride, some time on the stair master, a little weights, the rowing machine - anything that’s not running!  I especially love a good spin class.

5. Reviewing the plan - I like to go back through my training log and actually flip page by page through all of the miles I’ve logged. It helps remind me that I’ve put in so much time and effort to get here and I should be fine come race day!

Leah Backo