I got sick and took a week off from running


I haven’t run since Thursday last week. Am I freaking out? Yes. But did I make the right decision in taking a break? Also yes.

Last Tuesday, something happened to me that honestly hasn’t happened in like two years: I started feeling sick. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - I ran through it. My rule of thumb for running and training while you’re sick is to keep going if the sick is from the neck up and isn’t debilitating. Those first couple of days, I mostly had a bit of a sore throat and a head ache. So, neck up. But Friday, I woke up and the congestion was terrible and it hasn’t really let up since. We’re talking I can feel the fluid in my lungs with every breath. Not cool.  And made it very hard to even want to stand let alone run. 

So I haven’t run since Thursday. I’m honestly still not at 100% and yes, I’m slightly panicking from all this time off in the middle of a training cycle but I know that if I don’t take some time off to rest and recover, the illness will just drag out longer. 


What have I been doing since I haven’t been running? Welp, I’ve been sleeping. A LOT. I’ve been eating a lot of soup, drinking a ton of tea (and Theraflu - which has been my saving grace) and I’ve been snuggling my pup. Other than that, I’ve done some light stretching and meditation (has anyone else tried Headspace? Because it’s bomb.com) but that’s about it.

I managed to pull myself off the couch today to go to WKYC and promote the Cleveland Marathon with a fellow Marathon Ambassador (click here to watch!) and it did feel great to get out of the house. But when I got home, it was back to the couch and feeling sick.  

I do feel a little bit better than I have this past weekend but I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll feel strong enough to run again. Fingers crossed everyone!  

If you haven’t yet, please consider making a donation to my Bright Pink fundraiser for the Cleveland Marathon. No one has yet and I could really use a confidence boost right now!

Leah Backo